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Hello my name is... James Norris

I support the general public, end of life, palliative care, hospice and charity sector with aspects relating for planning for death digitally and the internet. I develop technology platforms, provide thought leadership, training, tutorials and devise public awareness campaigns in areas relating to end of life planning, digital legacy, hospice care and palliative care. 

I founded the the advance and future care planning platform MyWishes. It is free to use and both recommended and entrusted by a variety of NHS Trusts and Local Councils

In 2015 I founded the Digital Legacy Association. The Digital Legacy Association provides training, frameworks and best practice in areas relating to digital assets planning and digital legacy safeguarding for both professionals and the general public.

The areas in which I work

I provide ongoing thought leadership in areas relating to end of life planning, digital legacy,  digital assets, grieving online, technology and the internet to governments, blue chip organisations, legal firms, the mainstream media and social networks. I am also digital research fellow for Harlington Hospice in North London . This role has enabled me to further explore areas relating to hospice care and communication. One such project titled ‘person centred virtual reality’ explored the use of creating person centred VR content for patients. This involves providing a 360 GoPro camera to patients families. The content filmed is then inserted into and played to the patient in a VR headset. This wellbeing intervention was devised during COVID-19 lockdowns and enables patients to be immersed within content created for specifically for them by their loved ones. To learn more about this project click on the following link: (Overview, academic poster (for EAPC 2021) and open access framework (for professionals)

I specialise in…

  • End of Life Planning
  • Digital Legacy Planning
  • Digital Assets Safeguarding
  • Online Grief
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Death
  • Death and the Internet
  • End of Life training courses and workshops
  • End of Life frameworks
  • End of Life policies
  • Designing and developing end of life websites, applications and solutions
  • Quality improvement
  • Digital Death Research
  • Normalising end of life planning
  • End of life software and application development


My work…

MyWishes is the only fully holistic end of life planning software. Our mission is to ensure that everyone documents their wishes and has them adhered to. MyWishes is free to use. To learn more visit www.MyWishes.co.uk

The Digital Legacy Association is the professional body dedicated to end of life care in all areas relating to digital assets and digital legacy. The DLA supports the general public and professionals and by developing standards, frameworks, toolkits and best practice.

The Digital Legacy Conference is an annual event that highlights the importance of digital assets planning and digital legacy safeguarding. It is attended by professionals and academics working within the health, social care, legal, funeral and humanities sectors. To learn more visit: www.DigitalLegacyConference.com

This project draws on the expertise of NHS Wales, the National Council of Palliative Care, Hospice UK as well as other organisations from across the UK. I supported the development of this project, built the website and provided the video content. To learn more visit www.AdvanceCarePlan.org.uk

Tablets Against Loneliness is a pilot providing tablets to people across the United Kingdom. Donated tablets are sent directly to care settings and distributed to local care homes, charities and hospices.  To learn more visit https://tabletsagainstloneliness.co.uk

Speaking at your conference

I am able to provide keynotes, training courses and workshops for an array of different conferences and events. To learn more click on the relevant link below:


MyWishes is an end of life planning software that empowers the general public to document and share their end of life preferences. MyWishes has evolved from the digital legacy planning service formerly known as ‘DeadSocial’ into a holistic platform evoking thought, planning and storytelling. 

MyWishes utilises non-medicalised approaches to help make planning less daunting and approachable. The platform highlights the positive things that can occur when our wishes are documented and shared. By integrating playful features MyWishes makes this often hard to address area accessible and engaging to the masses. 

MyWishes was developed with guidance, feedback and direction provided by members of NHS England, NHS Wales, The Law Society, The National Association of Funeral Directors, Hospice UK, Together for Short Lives and an array of technology companies.

“MyWishes, can help you set down what you would like to happen to your physical and digital estate”. – The Times Newspaper

Visit MyWishes

Digital Legacy Association

Digital Legacy Association is a global association setup to increase the awareness and improve standards in areas relating to digital asset planning and digital legacy safeguarding. They highlight the importance of making plans for our digital lives to help ensure that each person’s preferences for their digital lives are adhered to. 

The Digital Legacy Association supports end of life, palliative care, social care, healthcare, legal, celebrant and funeral professionals in areas relating to death and the internet. They advance professionals practice through education, training, campaigning, events and developing best practice frameworks.

The Digital Legacy Association organise the annual Digital Legacy Conference to further disseminate information and celebrate innovation within this area. The Digital Legacy Conference has taken place at UCL Partners (London), St Joseph’s Hospice (London), Siena College (New York) and as part of the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress 2019 (Berlin), the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress 2021 (Online) and the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress 2023 (Rotterdam).

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