Hello my name is… James.

Hello, my name is James. I am the founder of the Digital Legacy Association and MyWishes. I research and develop end of life technologies, apps and websites. I organise the annual Digital Legacy Conference and publish regular tutorials helping to empower both professionals and the general public. 

I run educational workshops, have consulted various governments and provide thought leadership in digital death, bereavement, technology and the internet.

Photo of me and Leti (an early MyWishes adopter) discussing how MyWishes can be improved.

The Digital Legacy Association  is the global organisation helping professionals to better support to patients with their digital assets and digital legacy.

MyWishes is the UK’s leading end of life planning software. It is free to use and helps empower the general public when making making plans for themselves and their loved ones.

Photo from the BBC’s Breakfast programme

Media appearances

I regular contribute to TV, Radio, Online and Print publications.

Photo from the BBC’s The Big Questions

Conferences & speaking

I speak at conferences across the globe in areas relating to death and the internet.

Photo from Click Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mark Drakeford and James Norris

Photo from the Senedd, Wales. Dr Mark Taubert, James Norris, Gwyneth Lewis (Wales first Poet Laureate), Mark Drakeford (Welsh First Minister), Baroness Ilora Finlay & Hywel Francis (Welsh historian and former politician).

Policy and advocacy

I spend a lot of time raising awareness around the importance of planning for death both on and offline. I participate in and host roundtables with governmental organisations, technology, business, health and social care.

Photo of James Norris, Ed Miliband, Ken Livingstone & Jamal Edwards MBE

Normalising end of life planning

Photo from BBC Radio 4’s studio after speaking on Joan Bakewell’s ‘We Need To Talk About Death

My personal goal is to be a catalyst for the normalisation of end of life planning. Most of my work and research focuses on and around this goal. The main ways I am trying to achieve this is by:

  • Providing MyWishes. MyWishes is the only free and holistic end of life planning software in the UK.
  • Training professionals, developing best practice, supporting the public and raising awareness through the Digital Legacy Association.
  • Showcasing best practice on an international stage at the Digital Legacy Conference.
  • Advising governments, regulatory bodies, social networks, charities and support groups in areas relating to digital death, digital legacy and digital assets.

Photo of Dr Mark Taubert, Vaughan Gething (Welsh Health Minister) and James Norris

Barbican panel

The Barbican, London