I will be presenting a MyWishes first ever webinar on the 17th May. Details can be found below.

Most people have not stated what they would like to happen should they die unexpectedly or lose capacity to look after themselves. This ultimately means that most people have not made plans for their possessions, estate and their loved ones.

It is important that every adult takes ownership of their life and puts suitable plans in place. Not making plans simply passes the task onto a loved one to address at a later date. Not making plans might increase the amount of anxiety, heartache and costs involved with you future care, funeral and when distributing your possessions.

During a global pandemic the relevancy and urgency of this task is amplified.

MyWishes - Event Dying Matters Awareness WeekThis event is taking place as part of Dying Matter Awareness Week 2020.

Every year in May, Dying Matters and a coalition of members host events during an Awareness Week. It gives society the opportunity to talk about and make plans for death, dying and bereavement. In 2020, the week will run from 11th to the 17th of May and the theme will be “Dying to be Heard”.

MyWishes provides a complete one-stop shop when planning for death. The platform is free to use and empowers each person to make plans for themselves and their loved ones. Our software integrates design principles familiar to those who use social networks. Our software’s features include: Will writing, advance care planning, funeral planning, bucket list creation, funeral playlist curation and digital legacy safeguarding.

*Please register (free) to virtually attend the event. Those who attend will be provided with a webinar link and an access code in two days before it takes place.

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